Green screen photography


Green Screen Extraction Techniques Comparing Photoshop, ON1 Photo 2017, Topaz Labs' ReMask and Digital Anarchy's Primatte Chromakey.

Get ready for another fun, entertaining, informative and educational program with Tom. This one is on Green Screen Photography and made possible with the support of Savage Universal.

This program has three parts:

The Setup – A live demonstration covering selecting the right background and how to properly light for green screen photography. With the help of a live model, Tom will show you exactly what to do so that you set yourself up for successful and easy extractions.

The Extraction – Tom will compare the 4 most popular extraction tools – Photoshop, the all new ON1 Photo 2017, Topaz Labs' ReMask and Digital Anarchy's Primatte Chromakey.

The Finished Image – We jumped through all these hoops to remove the background, so now what…The final segment will show some options on what you can do with extracted images and how to make them look amazing.  

This program can be customized any where from a 2 hours to a 2 day workshop.  4 hours and longer programs can also include a hands on photography session so attendees can take their own images green screen images and even do extractions using their own laptops.


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